Disney 365
Kingdom Keepers Wiki Disney 365
Year Started 2006
Media Type TV Commercial
Channel Disney Channel

"Disney 365" is a commercial program used on the Disney Channel to advertise movies, TV shows, books and other Disney media generally not premiering on the Disney Channel.

Ever since the beginning of the Kingdom Keepers series there has been a 365 video for each book except for Disney After Dark.

The Kingdom KeepersEdit

Disney At DawnEdit

Though there is no online record of a 365 for Disney At Dawn, it is presumed to have received one to advertise the series.

Disney In ShadowEdit

There was a 365 for Disney In Shadow, with Jason Dolley (Good Luck Charlie) and an unidentified host. The video which was on YouTube has now been locked and isn't available for viewing.

Power PlayEdit

Kingdom Keepers Power Play Disney 36502:02

Kingdom Keepers Power Play Disney 365

In 2011 a 365 was released to advertise both Lemonade Mouth and Kingdom Keepers four. In which Ridley talked to Jared (the host) and Hayley Kiyoko (Lemonade Mouth) about the book, Power Play.

Shell GameEdit

Ridley posted a video to his YouTube page where he mentioned a 365 for Shell Game, though it hasn't appeared online. In the video you can see him talking to Jake Short (A.N.T. Farm) and Tory (host), who would continue to host the Kingdom Keepers 365's for the next several years.

Dark PassageEdit

Kingdom Keepers Dark Passage Disney 36501:47

Kingdom Keepers Dark Passage Disney 365

In 2013 Disney Channel made a 365 for the latest book, Dark Passage, with Tory and Bradley Steven Perry (Good Luck Charlie). In it Ridley talks about book six how fans can help him write the newest books on the app Kingdom Keepers Insider.

The InsiderEdit

Kingdom Keepers The Insider Disney 36502:01

Kingdom Keepers The Insider Disney 365

Disney released a 365 for The Insider in 2014, starring Tory and Joey Bragg (Liv and Maddie) talking about the final book in the Kingdom Keepers sereies

The ReturnEdit

Disney LandsEdit

Kingdom Keepers The Return Disney Lands Disney 36502:03

Kingdom Keepers The Return Disney Lands Disney 365

In this Kingdom Keepers 365, Disney let the cameras in after dark with Tory and Joey Bragg returning to have some after hours fun. Ridley talks about how King Arthur Carousel is important to the newest book and how the Keepers ride one of the horses, named Jingles, back to 1955.

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